Every Dog’s  Safety is our Top Priority

In collaboration with professional trainers and dog behavioral specialists – we have created the ultimate SAFE kennel. This kennel offers durability for home, travel and competitions. Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheeting. HDPE is a FDA approved sanitary surface, and is UV stable. We use a full 1/4″ thick HDPE, which is 6 times thicker than the average injection molded kennels/crates. Our unique process consists of finger-joint connections, interior thermal welding, exterior corner and angle braces – fastened with low-profile stainless steel hardware.

Standard Kennels

Custom Kennels

More than just a Kennel, It’s a safe place for travel, home or competitions.

There are many varieties of kennels/crates on the market designed from thin plastic material and metals. Thin plastics; dogs can chew through, escape from and offers little safety while in transport. Metal crates prevent escaping, but can harm the dog if they begin to chew. Our kennel design greatly reduces these risks.

We Can Customize the Crates to Meet Your Needs


Safety? Durability? Mobility? Customizable? Yeah, we’ve got you covered.

KBC Kennels features options and add ons that make them the most versatile kennel on the market.  Our modern design and construction methods are state of the art and our love and commitment to our dogs is what drives us.


Maybe you need a custom crate that fits just right in your living room or a custom kennel system in your rv or sprinter…

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The Parts

Learn more about the materials, process and special parts that make up the KBC kennels

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Airplane Kit

includes flight rails and handles, locking mechanism on door, and a custom designed water bowl.

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Real Support. Real People.

Dog lovers are family.  We treat every customer like family.  We want this to be the best kennel you will ever have.  Questions? Concerns?  Ideas?  We want to know.


There are unlimited customizations available, just ask us!

Need something special?

Want a custom indoor kennel system that is disguised as furniture? Or custom sizes and configurations for your vehicle?

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Kennel Questions?

Not sure how KBC Kennels are the best to protect your dogs?

We Can Answer Them.

If you don’t find the information you need on the website, you can message us via Facebook, email or our contact form. Or give us a call. We are friendly and willing to answer any question.

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Something Amiss?

Despite our very best efforts, sometimes issues arise. We want to know so we can fix them.

Let us fix it!

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your KBC Kennel solution. No matter what the issue is, let us know. Your satisfaction and confidence is important to us.

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A KBC Kennel is a Great Investment in your Dog’s Safety and Well Being

As you’ve read above, our crates are designed by and for dog lovers. You’ve seen the features that make our crates the best. You have read the raving reviews from our fans around the world. Now it’s time to take action!


  • 23″L x 22″H x 18″W


  • 29″L x 23″H x 20″W


  • 35″L x 27″H x 24″W


  • 40″L x 29″H x 26″W

Watch us in Action!

You can find our kennels and our team all over the country.  We may be showing off our crates at a dog show near you or working hard at the shop creating custom kennels for your needs.

Check Out Some of Our Customizations

We can customize a single crate or banks of crates for your vehicle, your home and your office.

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What Can We Build for YOU?

Standard or custom? Become one of the many happy owners of a KBC Kennel!