KBC Kennels

Rest Easy when your dog is in a KBC Kennel

Collaborating with experienced dog trainers and dog behavior specialists, we have developed a kennel with maximum dog safety in mind. Dogs naturally are den animals, this is where they go for safety and comfort- their home. Our kennels are designed to make the dog feel secure encouraging them to be calm while ensuring maximum safety.

In comparison to leading kennels on the market, we produce a more durable, safe option for your dog. There are many varieties of kennels on the market designed from plastics and metals.

Some plastics kennels, dogs can chew through, escape from, or the kennel can cave in if something heavy is set on it or during an impact. Metal crates prevent escaping but can injure the dog if they begin to chew. Our kennels give dog owners piece of mind, knowing that your dog is safe and secure in a KBC Kennel.

The Story

When my wife and I moved in together we both knew something was missing from our new family- a dog. I’ve always wanted a Border Collie, convinced my wife it’d be a great idea and we found a little 6 week old female farm pup. We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into but we loved her. Unfortunately we almost lost her twice in the first year of her life, but my girl is a fighter and I vowed to do more with her. I have met some amazing people in the process of introducing Jude to disc, diving, and flyball- I’ve learned so much from all of these people. Since, my wife and I have added another pup to our family- Ringo (yes there is a theme) a rescued Australian Cattle Dog. Our dogs go to work with me nearly every day and our weekends are spent enjoying our time with our dogs competing, kayaking, hiking etc.

Our background is in commercial cabinets and trade-show displays. In fact that is my primary business. My father and I are partners; we have been building, designing and creating together since I was a child. When our new friends over at The Canine Experience found out what we do, they requested a custom vehicle outfit for their van. They planned on traveling with six dogs and they wanted something safe but wanted to be able to sleep in the back as well. With our experience with a material called HDPE and background customizing vehicles for tradeshows we did a lot of research and KBC Kennels was born. People saw what we were doing and began requesting individual kennels. My father and I have continued to do research and improve our kennels- I don’t believe that will ever stop. Our dogs are family and we want to keep them safe.


Care and Cleaning



Kennels should not be used in direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight may result in unsafe temperatures to your pet. KBC Kennels will not be held responsible for any injury to animals, persons, or personal property.

Always use, store and install on flat/level surfaces. Placement of kennels on uneven surfaces may result in door alignment issues.

All latches should be properly and securely latched at all times. Failure to use all latches provided can allow the doors to flex- resulting in latch failure.

This kennel is not recommended for permanent outdoor use.

It is not recommended to leave pets unattended for long periods of time.

This kennel is not a substitute for training.  In some cases (i.e. high/ anxiety/ behavioral issues) this kennel may not be suited for your needs.  Please consult with an expert before using this kennel.


Recommended cleaning method: Mild soap and water, rinse well and air dry.