Flight Kit

We’ve designed a flight kit that has everything you need to get your dog and crate flying with most major airlines.  Our crates can come with the flight kit attached when you order or if you already have a kennel, you will be able to easily install the flight kit yourself as the kennel is already configured to fit the kit.

  • Flight Rails
  • Handles
  • Custom Designed Water Bowl
  • Materials

    Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheeting. HDPE is a FDA approved sanitary surface, and is UV stable. We use a full 1/4″ thick HDPE, which is 6 times thicker than the average injection molded kennels/crates.

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    The Latch

    Announcing our latest latch.  The new latch is simpler and more effective.  We are always seeking to improve our product and this is the latest result.  Our unique spring bolt door latch designed and manufactured by KBC kennels consist of extruded and machined aluminum it is extremely tough and durable. The latch can be disassembled for cleaning or repairs and is capable of enduring over 1000 pounds of force.


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    The Hinges

    We developed our hinges because we wanted to eliminate the number of parts to the kennel and integrate the hinge into one piece. The weakest point of a hinge is how the hinge is fastened to the door. On our kennels we integrate the hinge into the door to add strength. We use the stainless steel pin, which runs the entire length of the door that helps eliminate flex on the hinge which also helps functionality and durability. A typical kennel door has two points of contact between door and doorframe where as our kennel has eight points of contact. When speaking with dog owners about their kennel experiences one of the biggest complaints were standard kennel doors this is another reason why we developed our hinge.



    Our corner an angle braces are made out of 20 gauge steel with a black noncorrosive finish these braces are attached to the kennel with a specially designed two-part stainless steel threaded fastener each fastener receives a military grade thread lock compound to ensure that they will not vibrate loose.


    Tie-down points

    On our kennels we integrate specially designed tie-down points to the top portion of the Kennel so that a 1” cam buckle strap can be used to securely anchor the kennel to your vehicle.dscn1305

    Custom Water/ Food Bowls

    Custom Water/ Food Bowls

    Key Lock

    Low profile keyed cam lock for added security all internal components concealed for your dogs safety


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